Friday, June 30, 2006

Clareo Designs Shatters Price and Quality Barriers With Two New Fused Dichroic Glass Jewelry Collections

New Dichroic Glass Jewelry Collections are targeted for retail distribution and feature spectacular dichroic glass jewelry individually hand-crafted in the US with retail prices starting under $10.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 29, 2006 -- Clareo Designs, America’s leading designer and manufacturer of fused, dichroic, glass jewelry sold through retail distribution, today announced two new collections, dramatically expanding their highly successful line of individually hand-crafted fused dichroic glass jewelry sold through hundreds of retail locations nationwide.

The Gateway Collection: Incredible artistry at a fraction of the price.
Fine, dichroic glass jewelry hand-made by American artists is often sold between $50 and $150 in fine shops and galleries. Until now. Featuring a variety of pendants as well as adjustable, sterling-silver plated rings, the Gateway Collection from Clareo Designs brings a new level of affordability to hand-crafted wearable art, with estimated retail prices under $10 for many designs.

“For the first time, retailers have an opportunity to offer spectacular dichroic glass jewelry individually created by artists here in America at equally spectacular price points,” said Richard B. Freeman, National Sales Director for Clareo Designs, Inc. “And like all Clareo products, the Gateway Collection is designed for retail distribution, complete with point-of-sale packaging, support, displays and outstanding profit margins.“

Each Gateway gem is handmade by our artists from layers of dichroic glass fused multiple times with other materials at temperatures approaching 1500 degrees. Each one is a unique work of art; no two are ever identical. Pendants feature sterling silver plated bails and premium 18” chains. Gateway Rings are adjustable, fitting sizes 5-9, and feature sterling silver plated shanks. All Gateway gems are carded for easy display on a variety of fixtures. Rings are also available pre-merchandised in 36-piece trays complete with a header. Displays, point-of-purchase graphics and pre-selected best seller packages are also available.

The Signature Collection: Spectacular fused glass artistry in sterling silver.
The new Signature Collection is quite simply the finest jewelry ever produced by Clareo Designs. Personally hand-crafted and signed by Clareo’s lead artists, Signature Collection pendants and rings contain up to 25 layers of dichroic coatings and are custom-set in beautiful Sterling Silver.

The Signature Collection includes 10 stunning Sterling-intensive pendant designs along with 3 different ring styles, all stamped with the .925 Sterling Silver hallmark. The rings are also adjustable, fitting ring sizes 5-11. Freeman remarked, “Although our Signature Series Gems will be at home in any fine-art gallery, dealers and customers alike will be as surprised at their affordability as they will be impressed by their beauty.”

Clareo Designs is showcasing the new Gateway and Signature Collections at nine showrooms nationwide and at major gift shows this summer. For more information visit or contact the company at 866-456-1616.

About Clareo Designs, Inc.
Clareo Designs is the leading US designer and marketer of hand-crafted fused dichroic glass jewelry, with over 200 different products marketed through hundreds of retail outlets, galleries and shops worldwide. The company’s proprietary ‘Mass Crafting’ process allows Clareo to create a high volume of gems based on a single design, yet each one retains the beauty and quality of an artist-crafted individual. Clareo Designs is a privately held company based in San Diego, CA.

About Dichroic Glass Jewelry – High Tech meets High Art
Clareo’s dichroic glass is created using a high-tech process originally developed for NASA to coat astronaut visors and satellite dishes. Up to 25 microscopic coatings of various metallic oxides such as titanium and magnesium are bonded to glass in a vacuum furnace. These coatings serve as color filters, reflecting some wavelengths of light while transmitting others.

Our artists hand cut layers of this “dichroic” glass and fuse them with other materials multiple times at temperatures up to 1500 degrees, giving Clareo Gems their spectacular color and brilliance. Each resulting Gem is unique, a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.