Monday, August 14, 2006

The Beauty of a NecklaceFor me, the real beauty of

The Beauty of a Necklace

For me, the real beauty of a necklace is that it usually doesn't get in the way of doing things throughout the day the way that a bracelet can. But I am a bracelet person through and through. Sometimes I have to stop and work on making necklaces - to match bracelets - or just to "even" out my inventory. I 've been working with coral and with turquoise so I incorporated both into the necklace that you see above. That's pink angelskin coral with some nice large stabilized turquoise nuggets that I've had, and of course, I had to add some lampwork beads. One of the problems I have with necklaces (that I don't with bracelets) is that I'm bothered that on many people the back of the necklace will never be seen.

The second necklace I'm temped to keep for myself. I adore lapis and the lapis in this necklace is especially good with lots of the glittering gold pyrite that I like so much. And while carnelian is great with lapis, turquoise is wonderful when paired with lapis. I've also used lots of vermeil because lapis and gold are just scrumptious!
I'm trying to slow down a bit and take a little holiday. I only have one auction on Ebay this week, and summer is slow anyway. I'm going to try to stay in the pool some (if I can tear myself away from my beads), put in a new closet, and do various things that I've been ignoring for ever so long. It's amazing how much jewelry I can make while the house falls down around my ears!
Turquoise and Coral Jewelry by Cluny Grey
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