Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Raising a Modest GirlchildThis is a little bit embarrassing. You

Raising a Modest Girlchild
This is a little bit embarrassing. You see, back when I was slow I couldn't get Everyday Mommy to come up fast enough, so I never got into the habit of visiting over there. So now, inspired by Rebecca's Barbie post, I'm blogging about modesty (a recurrent theme here) for WFMW, not even realizing there is this whole Moms For Modesty thing going on over there.

Some thoughts on raising modest girls (I'm blessed to have two!):

  1. Exercise your parental authority. See this previous post.

  2. There's no better text for giving them the tools to be "artistically" beautiful than that book I push (and I do own the Instructor's Manual).

  3. Get rid of your TV.

  4. Don't buy foo-foo shoes. What kindergartener needs platform sandals?

I wish I knew WHY that last one works, but it did for me. Perhaps a future Riveting Question?