Tuesday, November 28, 2006

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Is the Balenciaga bag on its way out?

By Raquel Franco

When the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag first appeared upon the arms of celebrities like Nicky Hilton and Sarah Jessica Parker, they were an instant success. Stores were selling out of them and were unable to keep up with the supply and demand. Not only were Americans lusting after them but fashionistas in Taiwan and Switzerland were also craving a taste of designer Nicolas Ghesquiere. The waiting list for the sleek and sexy bag began growing larger than the Louis bag that is now "so five minutes ago."

Now time has passed and everybody wants one and every celebrity has one. Celebrities even have multiple bags in numerous sizes and colors. I am sure that you are getting to the point where you must be wondering is too late to get one. Will I just be another wannabe jumping on the bandwagon? Absolutely not! Celebs are still carrying their beloved bags wherever they go. A good way to know if a trend has taken on a life of its own is when everyone and their mother are carrying one. Now is the perfect time to be seen sporting this delicious arm candy. The bag is still yet to be made common among the average woman. Owning a bag like this will make you the first to stand out. So if you are having second thoughts, don't hesitate to give in to your desires.

You can fulfill your craving at Le Fashionista. We now carry four Balenciaga style bags in two sizes for a mere fraction that it costs to buy the real bag.

Shown above are recent pictures of many celebs who own the infamous bag and none of your friends that don't.

Picture source: http://lime-light.org

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1. Diva Collection Motorcycle Bags
2. Nicole Richie on March 23rd
3. Amerie on April 25th

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