Sunday, November 05, 2006

TheText on TextureVildy's comment hits me right in the uncertainty

TheText on Texture
Vildy's comment hits me right in the uncertainty zone (at least we're there together:)

I'm not sure anymore how I feel about textures. I would wear this out to a casual evening but not stretch velveteen in the daytime. Not any more, anyway. I've just gotten rid of all of my flannel suit jackets, skirts, trousers. I realized I never wanted to wear them because I like smooth fabrics. I like fabrics with substance and crispness, too. This goes against the whole "there should be movement in your clothing" philosophy.

I get a lot out of reading your thinking about clothes and life. I'd love it if you'd write more about texture. Even though I'm rounded, I have a crisp personality and feel awkward in soft, draped clothes - like I'm selling a bill of goods.

The textbook answer to the taute vs drapy fabric question is this:

Skeletal (straight line) body types wear taut fabrics, muscular = semi-taut to semi-drape, molded (smooth, where the natural padding obscures the visibility of either bone or muscle) types wear drapy fabrics. Combination types wear taut on the straight parts and drapy on the smooth parts.

But that advice has never suited my personality either. And it seems to contradict Clinton and Stacy's regular practice of making chubby people look slender by putting them in structured jackets.

Lots more on this topic to come. What are your thoughts?