Monday, January 08, 2007

August's Gemstone is Peridot Anybody who knows me,...August's Gemstone is

August's Gemstone is Peridot Anybody who knows me,...
August's Gemstone is Peridot
Anybody who knows me, knows I love green. You may notice that a lot of the jewelry I design is green so naturally I'm attracted to the gemstone Peridot--which is also known as Olivine. The color of Peridot runs from a transparent yellow green to a deeper shade of chartreuse. In ancient times, it was thought to foster friendship and it was suppose to rid the mind of any envious thoughts. This powerful stone was also thought to prevent liver disease and excess fluid retention. In ancient times people thought the Peridot stone was a gift from nature to celebrate the beginning of spring. Major sources of Peridot can be found in Arizona, China, Pakistan and Burma. Just one more tid bit of information about Peridot--it isn't a very hard stone so it can scratch very easily. Check out some of these pieces on

The first item was designed by Joy and it contains some Peridot stones. The second item I designed and the necklace is made from Peridot chips. Finally, the third item I designes and these earrings are made from Peridot colored Swarovski beads.