Tuesday, January 02, 2007

How Much is Too Much to Pay for One-of-a-Kind Jewe...How

How Much is Too Much to Pay for One-of-a-Kind Jewe...
How Much is Too Much to Pay for One-of-a-Kind Jewelry?

I put some of my jewelry in a store this week-end on consignment. Once the store's mark-up goes on, my pieces are more expensive than what I put them for on my site. However, I know they are still worth this price. I have seen similar items sell for as much or more plus I know how much time I put in to each piece and the quality of materials I use. However, the store owner was very doubtful she could sell them for her retail price.

I chose this store because their merchandise is high end--Jeans for $125-$200 and beaded t-shirts for $100+. Would a woman who spends this much on clothing spend $150 on a one-of-a-kind beaded necklace? According to the store owner, her customer wears real jewels. She carries the Prada purse. So, my pieces are too little for her, but too much for the other customers.

According to the latest Jewelry Arts and Lapidary Journal, woman are buying more jewelry for themselves. Especially younger woman who make their own money. They must, however, trust the person they are buying from. They will even save up to buy a special piece. According to this article, the pieces on STRaNDED are perfect for this customer. They want something that no one else has.

I will continue to look for my niche in this jewelry market. But if you are reading this, I would love your thoughts.