Sunday, August 06, 2006

Plus-Size Fashion Old-school Lane Bryant Originally uploaded by coma_high. As

Plus-Size Fashion

Old-school Lane Bryant
Originally uploaded by coma_high.
As a large-scale woman, I'm particularly interested in fashion for those of us who are average or larger. Most modern fashion is based on women who could blow away in a slight breeze. I think I'm going to devote some blogtime in the near future to ferreting out some plus-size fashion trends and news.

I got a catalog in the mail from Lane Bryant the other day and rushed off to the local store to see if I could get a pair of pants in time for the 4th of July weekend.

Alas, no pants for me. It seems that Lane Bryant is not actually affiliated with the catalog they send out, which can be found at Lane Bryant Catalog. The only thing they share is the brand name. I think it's more than a little misleading.

Also, Lane Bryant Catalog doesn't use plus-size models for their clothing, unlike Lane Bryant. This actually backfires a little, as some of the clothes designed for large bodies look very silly on the skinny models. Also, a lot of the models look miserable in the photos.

LBCatalog's prices are pretty good, though, so I ordered a few things. We'll see how they look when they come in in around 10 business days.

As for the LB store, after confusing the poor salesladies with my requests for clothing "I saw in the catalog," I discovered they had a rather nice clearance sale going on and spent a good bit of time trying on clothes in my search for one decent pair of casual pants before the weekend. Nothing fit, so I came away with T-shirts. Ah well.

Thanks to coma_high for the great vintage LB photo. Click on it to explore more of their photos.