Thursday, October 19, 2006

Packing and shipping jewelryIf you are sending out jewelry for

Packing and shipping jewelry
If you are sending out jewelry for gifts or to buyers this fall, be sure you follow proper precautions to ensure your jewelry isn't damaged in shipping!

Always pack jewelry individually in small plastic bags or bubble wrap (I use plastic ziplock bags that can be used for storage after the item is received.)
Pack the individual pieces in a small sturdy box. For one-two pieces, I use a 3x3 box with cotton padding.
Pack the box(es) in padded envelopes - the smallest your box(es) will fit in. For one 3x3 box, a CD mailer works perfectly.
Before sealing the envelope, write the name and address of the person you are sending the package to on a Post-It Note or slip of paper, and enclose it in the envelope. If the package is damaged or the mailing address is obliterated during shipping, this may help get your package to it's destination!
Be sure the mailing address and your return address are clearly marked on the envelope according to your country standards.

In the US, a package with a few pieces of jewelry packaged as I've described above costs less than $1.00 to mail First Class. Add insurance or signing options if you'd like; this will increase the cost to mail, but for more expensive pieces or for peace of mind, it may be well worth the extra expense.

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