Sunday, December 17, 2006

babushka chicI'm trying to imagine what my great grandmother (a

babushka chic
I'm trying to imagine what my great grandmother (a Finnish farmer) would say if I told her that in the 21st century, fashionable young femmes would be dressing as if they had fields to plow in freezing temperatures. I smiled while flipping through the latest issue of Teen Vogue and saw that the 'uber cool look' for teens this winter is a stereotypical peasant vision straight out of 19th century Russia. When I was 14 (and experiencing slightly deluded fantasies about the romance of rural Eastern European life) teen magazines dictated that we dress like Britney Spears, and their editorial models wore midrift baring tops, hip huggers and layers of lip gloss. Now, a few years later, fashionettes are supposed to go out plainfaced in drab dresses, long johns and thick woolen socks. True fashion followers will top this off with a babushka headscarf and sack of potatoes. Personally, I like this look- particularly if that bag enters into the equation- however the babushka has got to be traded for a traditional red Laplander bonnet... (Adeleine)