Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Holiday Beaded Decor!Earlier this week, I had some fun

More Holiday Beaded Decor!
Earlier this week, I had some fun making wire and beaded wire ornament hangers. Because I'm in the mood to do some holiday decorating, I started thinking about all the other things I could embellish with beads and came up with this fun idea...candle wraps!

The candle wraps are based on the idea for wine glass stem wraps, but a bit more flexible, delicate, and to be honest, they're less expensive to make than the fully beaded version. I love the way they accent my taper candles, and I think they will work great on pillars and other sizes as well!

Easy to make, I first measured the length by twisting a cloth tape measure around my candle, and then added 6 inches to the overall length for my spirals. After making the first open spiral, I used a crimp bead (just smashed with a chain-nosed pliers - didn't use a crimping pliers, but you could!) to hold a round 6mm Druk bead in place. Spacing out the crimps and Druks about 1 inch apart, I finished up with one last crimp (to keep the last bead from inadvertently sliding off the wire) and made another open spiral.

While I use sterling for 99% of my jewelry wire work, I am using colored copper craft wire for home decor projects as they will be exposed to air (and prone to tarnish) for extended periods of time.

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