Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Enter Your Jewelry Designs In ContestKa-Gold-Jewelry artist David Weitzman is

Enter Your Jewelry Designs In Contest

Ka-Gold-Jewelry artist David Weitzman is holding an intriguing contest for all jewelry designers. Jewelry designers submit their designs and the winner receives a rendering of this design in 14 karat gold! (Or if he/she wishes, 5 implementations in sterling silver).
What I love about this contest is that the designer is urged to submit a symbol that is special to him or her in some way whether it is a religious or cultural symbol or one that is unique to your website or one that has a personal meaning known only to you! You can submit your special design, website logo or the custom jewel you have always dreamed of.
The winner is selected by user s votes. So even if you don't submit a design yourself, you can participate in the contest by going to the Ka Gold Jewelry site and voting for one of the designs that you see. The contest is an ongoing contest and every two months a winner is declared.
To see the current entries and vote for your favorite, go to
Ka Gold Jewelry ContestTo see the contest rules and enter the contest yourself, go to Ka Gold Jewelry Contest The model will also be sold at Ka Gold Jewelry(if the submit person agrees) and it will be said that it is his design - a great way for jewelry designers to receive publicity and get your designs and name before a larger audience.

And while you're there...Ka-Gold Jewelry is a site I love to browse because they have some of the best information about symbolic imagery that I have seen on any jewelry site on the net. Check their Articles for some facinating information about symbols used in different cultures and eras. But watch out! You could stay on this site for hours!
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