Friday, December 01, 2006

Fabulous Faceted Gemstone Creations"Dusty Plum" (sold already ~ sorry -

Fabulous Faceted Gemstone Creations

"Dusty Plum" (sold already ~ sorry - you have to have a party!) A glorious combination of garnet, light smoky topaz, light amethyst, light rose & smoky topaz Swarovski crystals & powder almond crystal pearls, 14K gf all hand-coiled.
OK - let's get jiggy wit it now: "Unchained Melody" has beautiful gem quality faceted rainbow florite. Nice clarity. Surrounded with AA quality freshwater pearls and loads of Turkish silver. I love using Turkish silver - personally in most designs I do prefer the bright look of these high quality pieces. Turkish silver are all hand made - no two pieces will be alike. Also, they contain 95% silver & 5% cadmium. Cadmium helps prevent the silver from tarnishing as quickly. Turkish silver does cost a bit more than Bali 92.5% silver.
"FALL ESSENCE" - Girls, I must educate you. I've pulled this out at my parties and I still have it available... you need to come here so I can teach you how to recognize what to look for. Blow up that pic babe.... Those are fully faceted Smoky TOPAZ.... beautiful quality. The genuine garnet is a bit darker in the picture, but I can't believe people are passing this one up. It's a wonderful piece and wonderful value. (~jeanette design studio~)