Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wire Ornament HangersSpent last night making up some wire ornament

Wire Ornament Hangers

Spent last night making up some wire ornament hangers inspired by one of my friends on the Jewelry Artists message board.

I made these using craft wire (color-coated copper) because I'm concerned about a) cost and b) tarnishing when they are exposed to air for long periods of time. They are actually quite simple to make, and while they are repetitious, you can cut the wire ahead of time, take a mandrel and pliers to the living room, and work on them while watching TV with the family. Actually, they'd even make a pretty decent family project!

If you need instructions, they are fairly simple:
18g colored copper craft wire
Ring mandrel or 1 dowel
Round nosed or stepped pliers

Cut wire to 5 lengths (one length for each hanger).
Wind one end around the mandrel or dowel to create a 1 loop that is slightly open.
Use the pliers to create an open spiral inside the loop.
At the other end, make a 1 open loop that is in the opposite direction from the first (it will look like an S)
Hammer lightly to strengthen if desired.

That's it!

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