Wednesday, January 03, 2007

TOO MANY BRACELETS!!! Pulsera, Br ar , Bracelete, Armb nd, Karperec....I run the

TOO MANY BRACELETS!!! Pulsera, Br ar , Bracelete, Armb nd, Karperec....
I run the risk of looking like a photo blog this week, but I was looking at some of the pictures of bracelets I'm adding to my Cluny Grey Jewelry website this week as well as my Ebay store and realized I had quite an eclectic group here. First, a bracelet made with muscovite - a stone I love because it sparkles. Next, a bracelet made of some better quality prehnite that I happened to find; what's interesting about this prehnite bracelet is that the wonderful lampwork beads by Robin really are more green and while they have a tinge of pink to them that is almost all that shows up when I photograph them. This is a wonderful bracelet!
Blue lace agate is always pretty, but when mixed with blue chalcedony, lampwork, and glory be! white opal Swarovski crystals! it is really special! This is a combination that I think that I'll be using again. The earrings do seem to glow, not just in the sunlight.
I'm starting to mix more Swarovski crystals with gemstones - something that I never used to do - or only rarely did, but I've decided that I really like the look. Great lampwork beads here; tanzanite Swarovski is just to die for, and these great amethyst faceted nuggets I got in Spain are wow!
Labradorite (picture taken in the sunlight) will probably always be one of my favorites. I wear labradorite earrings all the time because I like the surprising flash of blue coming through my long hair. And labradorite looks great with boro lampwork, too. Oddly enough, those little smooth square beads that look almost brown aren't; they are some of the flashiest labradorite I have, but I can never get all the labradorite to flash at once in one picture. But that's one of the great things about wearing labradorite - no matter which way you turn, there's always some stone flashing its chatoyancy.
I made the labradorite bracelet below with some of Robin's great beads that won't show up the green (pale) that they really are. I took labradorite that was more of a grey colour than the dark green that we generally expect labradorite to be - but grey labradorite with plenty of flash! I'm rather happy with the result.

A couple of these bracelets are up for auction on Ebay this week (or will be starting tomorrow and/or Wednesday; they'll start at half the price or even less that they will sell for normally so do your Christmas shopping early!
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