Sunday, September 17, 2006

Website News and Jewelry Partnerships The holding page at both

Website News and Jewelry Partnerships
The holding page at both sites is up - short and sweet. I hate having the site down for nearly a month, but it will give me that much more time to concentrate on Anapurna.

The new site's coming along well. I've decided to merge my entire website into Anapurna for the time being. If it doesn't work out well that way, I can always split it off again.

Most of you are probably confused about exactly what's going on with these two websites. My friend and, more recently, business partner J. and I are teaming up with our jewelry-making. We'll be selling through one website (both and point to the same site now) and will be doing fantasy/sci-fi conventions in the greater DC area next year.

So far, it's working out quite well. We have quite a few complementary skills. She knows the DC-area conventions inside and out, and I've run enough jewelry booths to know how it works. I'm working on the website while she writes sales copy for the items. We're both making jewelry.

I'm really excited about this opportunity. I love working with sterling and semi-precious stones, but I got my start in costume work, and I'm eager to expand back into that area. Shiny pretty stones are fun, but working with fantasy and costume jewelry gives me a lot of freedom to use other materials as well. I'll still be making fine jewelry such as the piece below, though.

Tropical Harvest

This is Tropical Harvest, a piece I did a few weeks back. The general idea came from either Bead & Button or BeadStyle and, since I had an abundance of food-y beads on hand, I bent it in that direction. There are bananas, coffee beans, oranges and grapes in there. I'm currently doing a royal blue, turquoise and purple custom version for a client.