Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bead embroidery stitchesBead Wrangler I haven't had a whole lot

Bead embroidery stitches

I haven't had a whole lot of time to work on the piece that I started the other day. Although I've gotten a bit farther with it, rather than bore you with an incremental change, I thought you might enjoy seeing some instructions for doing embroidery stitches with beads. This is a different style than I usually use, but definitely something to think about. Some of these stitches would look absolutely beautiful in a crazy quilt or on patterned fabric that you weren't planning on covering totally with beads.

Here's the reason that I haven't had a lot of time...Dani is coming home to visit for quad-break with her three suite-mates. I've been shopping for all their favorite foods and cooking up a storm :-)
Dani in her art studio

Cyndi L

More Jewelry Photography Resources Check out this article on jewelry

More Jewelry Photography Resources
Check out this article on jewelry photography. I love their tips on reflections and pearl photography. If you've got the money, they also sell all the equipment they show on the site.

There's also an older discussion on the About.com forums about creating a light box.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Garden Summer SeriesA beautiful Paua shell pendant surrounded by Mother

Garden Summer Series

A beautiful Paua shell pendant surrounded by Mother of Pearl tubes & chips, Florite chips, Freshwater Pearls, czech glass & seed bead mix. Sterling. Matching Ankle bracelet and cluster earrings (not pictured).

Peach milk glass butterfly pendant surrounded by AB glass chips and seed bead mix. Notice how I gave her antenna... Sterling. Matching ankle bracelet.

These will be one of a kind.

jeanettedesignstudio@gmail.com (~jeanette design studio~)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

New to Le-Fashionista.com: KidVisKousKidVisKous utilizes both high-end precious metals and

New to Le-Fashionista.com: KidVisKous
KidVisKous utilizes both high-end precious metals and semi-precious stones to create one-of-a-kind pieces that have distinctly urban and vintage flavors. Unisex style.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Forever Diamonds Necklace -

Precision-cut, high quality Lucite diamond charms, measuring about 1.25" tall with cut-out facets.

Soviet Necklace -

Lucite Soviet pendants, comes in transparent red and mirrored gold.

Rocker Rosary -

A powerhouse piece (weighing almost 3 pounds) this skull rosary is the epitome of unisex rocker fashion, made up of metal skull beads, large metal cross, Hematite bead spacers, Greek leather and sterling silver snake S-clasp which allows the wearer to remove the extended cross part to make a skull necklace, allowing diverse looks to accommodate any rocker occasion.

Shop KidVisKous at Le-Fashionista.com..!

lefashionista@gmail.com (Editor)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Legwarmer Knitting PatternsRemember last Spring when I said I hoped

Legwarmer Knitting Patterns
Remember last Spring when I said I hoped legwarmers would return to the fashion scene? Well, it seems they have; it's only natural with the current knitting craze. Many thanks to Jenn for posting this link to ALOT of patterns.

Now if I only had the time and inclination to pick up the yarn and tools and actually knit some!


Friday, October 27, 2006

Attention Boulder Fashionistas! As a good Colorado girl I consider

Attention Boulder Fashionistas!
As a good Colorado girl I consider it my duty to promote all the fashionistas back on the Front Range. Thus I have to spread some news. Eco fashion boutique Coco’s Shoppe is having a EcoLuxue Fashion Show to celebrate their launch this Tuesday October 24th on Bacaro’s Rooftop (921 Pearl Street) starting at 8pm. [...]

Turquoise (Part 5)The increased acceptance of turquoise resulted in higher

Turquoise (Part 5)
The increased acceptance of turquoise resulted in higher prices, some of the most desirable materials going for as much as $2,200 per kg. The increased demand could not be met through production of acceptable mine run materials. Therefore, an industry emerged--the business of turquoise stabilization, reconstitution, and the manufacture of synthetic and simulated turquoise.

In most instances, the stabilization and reconstitution of turquoise involve the use of earthy or highly porous types of turquoise which are pressure-impregnated with hot acrylic resins. The resins improve the color, hardness...

In our next issue we will learn about Turquuoise, please visit our Beading Newsletter Archives section located at the left hand side of our homepage or simply click here.

blog@houseofgems.com (House Of Gems)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fashion: Betsey Johnson (Fashion Week Spring 2007) In my attempts

Fashion: Betsey Johnson (Fashion Week Spring 2007)

In my attempts to educate myself about fashion, I've been reading some reviews from the latest New York Fashion Week. While most of the clothing that goes down the runway is horrifyingly ugly, the Betsey Johnson collection is adorable. Very retro and feminine.

Nanette Lepore also had some great pieces.

The String BeanA skirt and top isn t just an outfit

The String Bean

A skirt and top isn t just an outfit when you add a piece or two of jewelry from The String Bean. What a better way to personalize your clothing but with these lovely designs. Kerri Fisher, the owner/designer of The String Bean, designs with you in mind. When you want something most certainly lovely, of course original, and definitely fashionable, this is the place for you. Free shipping on orders over $125,

bonnindesigns@yahoo.com (bonnindesigns)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Big Apple Glass This Weekend If you are in the

Big Apple Glass This Weekend
If you are in the New York area this weekend, then check out the Big Apple Glass Art and Bead Festival. The event started yesterday, but you still have time since it runs through the weekend. Here’s the when/where/how from the Soft Flex Company web site: LOCATION Radisson Martinique on Broadway (formerly the Holiday Inn) 49 West 32nd [...]

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Many Colours of Turquoise and CoralSurprise! More necklaces! The

The Many Colours of Turquoise and Coral
Surprise! More necklaces! The first one is with stabilized turquoise and freshwater pearls, double strands with sterling silver.

I really, really like coral - and sometimes the rougher it is the better it is. Of course these coral slices have a smooth polish to them, as do the rondelles, but they are so rugged looking despite that. I like coral that looks as though you just broke it off the reef yourself!

The rose quartz necklace has a great lampwork bead that is huge (from Connie at River Oaks II - she does super work!), but the focal is the very large pink, yes pink, turquoise nugget that is at the center. I don't know why I like such an ersatz thing, but I really do. Lots of sterling silver with this one, too.

The simple coral bracelet above has little pieces of rough coral with freshwater pearls and sterling silver. Coral is just so basic, so rough in some ways, that it is very appealing, especially for summer.
jewelry jewellery coral turquoise turquoise jewelry necklaces rose quartz bracelet The Jewelry Blog pearls
Cluny Grey Jewelry

clunygrey@yahoo.com (Cluny Grey)

Beadwork Archives9/29/06 Updates and Beautiful Bookmarks5/19/06 The Garnet Diva Necklace5/3/06

Monday, October 23, 2006

AttergWith an eye for combining colors and textures and the


With an eye for combining colors and textures and the fine tuned skills of a wire artist, Gretta Van Someran of Atterg brings many different design choices to make your mouth water. The various designs enable jewelry lovers everywhere to unleash and enhance their beauty with their own personal style. And a big plus; Atterg donates a portion of all profits to reputable, non-profit organizations serving the needs of women and children world-wide. Receive a 10% discount By entering the following code at checkout and it will automatically apply the discount. CODE: TBSPECIAL - valid now through Dec. 31st, 2006.

bonnindesigns@yahoo.com (bonnindesigns)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Trendy Long EarringsLately, I've been into adding long pieces of

Trendy Long Earrings

Lately, I've been into adding long pieces of chain to all of my earring designs. I even went back and added chain to some of my own short earrings that are in heavy rotation. It's easy to do and it makes simple earrings a bit trendier. Chain also updates chandelier earrings by adding length, texture and a little edge. You can take it up a notch by adding different sizes of jump rings and metal shapes like the earrings shown here. Click here for complete instructions.

katie@katiehacker.com (Katie Hacker)

Fab Fashion Blogs FridayReady Made Outfit: Out for a DrinkMarie

Fab Fashion Blogs Friday
Ready Made Outfit: Out for a Drink

Marie Marie Pocket Dress | $435 at Shopbop

If you re heading out to a chichi bar anytime soon, consider wearing this equally elegant ensemble. Looking long and svelte, you ll be the most stylish girl in the room. It s all about the details: the pockets on the dress, the stirrups on the leggings, and the round toe on the pumps. Don t be surprised if both guys and girls complement your look.

"Out for a Drink" Fashion Formula = Dress with Pockets + Gold Necklace + Stirrup Leggings + Round-toe Pumps.
[Source] Omiru

Pop Goes Hogan

Pop, the magazine, has gone retail. And in tribute, Hogan has taken part in the Pop Goes to Dover Street Market gimmick. Dover Street in London that is. A unique collaboration with Pop editor-in-chief Katie Grand, the Guitar bag is originally inspired by the shape of a guitar s soundbox. The shoulder strap is customised with the Pop logo overprinted onto the leather. There are TWENTY pieces sold exclusively at Dover Street Market for 690! You wanna double that for american prices .
[Source] Designer Fashion Addicts

Armani to Design Katie Holmes' Wedding Gown

The rumors were true! An Armani spokesperson tells us, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have asked their longtime friend, Giorgio Armani, to design all of the wedding attire for their upcoming marriage.
[Source] Off The Rack


NOTE: Image from Getty Images

I saw a couple clips of the young, trendsetting celeb crowd on TV a couple days ago, so I thought I'd hunt down some pictures. Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan were especially looking great, but I just have a picture of Lindsay to share today. I picked her outfit b/c Paris's was pretty but kinda boring. Nicole's was super cool but kind of a weird combination - it worked, but I could never pull it off. So, here's Lindsay Lohan looking fab as always:

I love the whole outfit she's wearing - the tights, the (looks like) ankle booties, and especially the dress - it's gorgeous!
[Source] Shopaholics Anonymous

Bebe's Luxe Look at L.A. Fashion Week

The youthful fashion brand Bebe is going upscale. Not only does the brand have the chic Mischa Barton as the face of its ads, but it also just unveiled a new high-end accessories line called Neda designed to appeal to more sophisticated consumers. And on Wednesday, Bebe revealed a Spring 2007 collection at L.A. Fashion Week that proves the label is leaning toward a more high-end look.
[Source] FabSugar

Stylish, Yet Practical, an Anya Hindmarch Bag in Winter White is a Savvy Way to Give So Much Black a Rest

Impeccably turned out in eggshell pigskin. Available at Net-a-Porter.com.
[Source] Fashiontribes

Tags: style handbags Hogan Lindsey Lohan BeBe Anya Hindmarch fashion blogs
trend Couture in the City

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Oct. Monthly Giveaway: Fat Free by CiCi - Flower Ring
Enter for your chance to win!

Don't miss our Indie Girl Feature of the Month: Fat Free by Aylin Gould Q&A with Le-Fashionista.com

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Update on Project Runway I don’t know about you, but

Update on Project Runway
I don’t know about you, but since Project Runway took a break in broadcasting and tried to force us to watch that idiot top chef show, I’ve been very confused. I have to say that I’m not the greatest at catching TV shows. I like certain ones, but hey, baby, I’m busy, you know. So [...]

Updates and Beautiful BookmarksI haven't posted in a while. I've

Updates and Beautiful Bookmarks
Shepherd Hook Bookmark - Teal
I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy working on my new studio space and revamping the Kintera Arts website, as well as creating many new pieces for the upcomming fall shows.

I'm not quite done building the studio yet, so pictures will come later. But you can check out what I've done on the website. The entire Shepherd Hook Bookmarks section of the site is up and running in the new format as well as a few other pages scattered throughout the site.
Shepherd Hook Bookmark - Leaf
Visually the new format isn't too different from the old one as it has the same colors and menu system. I took the pictures out of those heavy frames they were in and optimized the pages so they'd load faster. It makes the pages much easier to look at. I also took the time to learn to photograph and optimize the pictures correctly so you can really see the details of the beaded items on the site now. I filled out the descriptions on each item page and added lots of extras like stone lore, color connotations and even the story of Pegasus.

I'll be adding a few new bookmarks next, then moving on to the next section of the site - Beaded Bracelets.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Packing and shipping jewelryIf you are sending out jewelry for

Packing and shipping jewelry
If you are sending out jewelry for gifts or to buyers this fall, be sure you follow proper precautions to ensure your jewelry isn't damaged in shipping!

Always pack jewelry individually in small plastic bags or bubble wrap (I use plastic ziplock bags that can be used for storage after the item is received.)
Pack the individual pieces in a small sturdy box. For one-two pieces, I use a 3x3 box with cotton padding.
Pack the box(es) in padded envelopes - the smallest your box(es) will fit in. For one 3x3 box, a CD mailer works perfectly.
Before sealing the envelope, write the name and address of the person you are sending the package to on a Post-It Note or slip of paper, and enclose it in the envelope. If the package is damaged or the mailing address is obliterated during shipping, this may help get your package to it's destination!
Be sure the mailing address and your return address are clearly marked on the envelope according to your country standards.

In the US, a package with a few pieces of jewelry packaged as I've described above costs less than $1.00 to mail First Class. Add insurance or signing options if you'd like; this will increase the cost to mail, but for more expensive pieces or for peace of mind, it may be well worth the extra expense.

Beading Help Web Editorial Team

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Anti-Social Software It was really only a matter of time.

Anti-Social Software
It was really only a matter of time. All of the Web 2.0 kool aid we have collectively drunk would eventually turn us from social software to anti-social software. And really we knew it was going to be the Mean Girl demographic that would get us there. Of all people I should be the one [...]

Wedding Jewelry ~ The BridesmaidsThe Bridesmaids will be wearing Genevieve,

Wedding Jewelry ~ The Bridesmaids

The Bridesmaids will be wearing Genevieve, done in Jet AB & white pearls, matching triple hand-coiled bracelet & earrings (not pictured) Simply smashing ladies! For more information on these products, go to www.jeanetteshanahan.com

jeanettedesignstudio@gmail.com (~jeanette design studio~)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Shoes.com Saturday Sale October 14thUPS Ground shipping is FREE on

Shoes.com Saturday Sale October 14th

Shop Shoes.com's Saturday Sale

UPS Ground shipping is FREE on all purchases.


Friday, October 13, 2006

Crystal Allure's First Show Whew! It's finally o...Crystal Allure's First

Crystal Allure's First Show Whew! It's finally o...
Crystal Allure's First Show

Whew! It's finally over! Doing a show (especially if it's your first one) takes ALOT of work!! There is so much to do, coordinate and have in inventory to make it successful and to be satisfied with your show. Needless to say, the weather was NOT on my side Saturday (Chil-E Festival, July 22, 2006).

The show began at 11am but sign-in was at 7am. Eek!! For me on a weekend that was tough! But I did it. Although it had started to rain an hour or so before that and it didn't stop until nearly noon. The truck was all packed up (thanks to my husband) and I was ready to go (all the while in my head trying to figure out how the rain will affect things). We get there, sign in and learn we're in the first booth -great! Since it's downpouring like nothing else we decided to leave and return in an hour or so...get a few more things done.

We returned to learn they decided to move the show into the nearby senior center -which based on the fact that it was still raining very badly and there was easy access to bathrooms -I welcomed the change! Being my first show I didn't want to have to also tackle the rain too. The only downfall to the whole event was the money I spent on the tent -but I also know I'll get to use it sometime as I will be doing other shows. And it was a good thing we lived around the corner from the show location because I had to send my husband home for a card table since we only had an 8' and 6' table and being put in the senior center we were on limited space.

So, my husband unpacks the truck and I begin setting up after I've been assigned my spot -which was a good spot and I was still pleased with it. Now with all that I had to do to get ready I never really did a test set up of my display. I had it all worked out in my mind -even if one idea didn't work I had back up ideas to every design.

My look kind of evolved at the last minute and it ended up being a polka dot theme and I think it looked great! I did get pictures of my display but they do not reflect what the real display would have looked like because I was positioned in front of the senior news board! But you get the idea.

The only other disappointment I had was that while picking up things the day before the show I had this wonderful and unique earring display idea -it just had to be created. So I bought all the supplies I needed and told my husband of this idea and he made it happen! Unfortunately...I wasn't able to hang it in the senior center and so I never got to use it. BUT, stay tuned to future shows as I know I'll get to use it at a later date.

Outside of these small mishaps the day went very well. I met other local designers and artisans and even with the rain the people still came in. I had a variety of pieces to offer along with a range of price levels and I even sold a bracelet that I wasn't able to get out on the table (due to time constraints) all because the customer asked if I had any smaller children's sized bracelets -and I did!

My entire expectation of the event was to get exposure in the local community and not only did I meet this goal, I also made some sales and possibly a future bridal custom order. And so at the end of this very tiring day I was very satisfied -and very thankful I had my husband to help me the entire time! He packed the truck, unloaded it, sat with me ALL day (until 7pm!), he made our lunches, packed the truck back up and then unpacked it again when we got home! He saved me and as always I am VERY grateful to him and for him! Thanks hon!!

stephanie@crystalallure.com (Stephanie Jean)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Reminder: Contest Deadline TODAY!Reminder that you have until 12:00 midnight

Reminder: Contest Deadline TODAY!
Reminder that you have until 12:00 midnight CT today to submit your scary jewelry or craft show stories to me to enter in Beading Help Web's October contest! We'll post entries on our main page this week, and give readers the chance to vote on their favorite story.

Details can be found on the home page of Beading Help Web!

Beading Help Web Editorial Team

Monday, October 09, 2006

Fall newsletter, and yes, there's time for other stuff tooSent

Fall newsletter, and yes, there's time for other stuff too
Sent out my fall newsletters yesterday and today. I like keeping in contact with my customers and folks who have expressed interest in my work, but I don't like to intrude in their lives too often. Once or twice a season is okay, I think...and I offer newsletter subscribers a discount on my work as well. ;-) My newsletter includes just a few tidbits about what I'm working on (lots and lots of wire work right now), upcoming shows and events, and anything else I think is really pertinent.

Today was a busy day with "other" things as well...I'm a member of the Southwest Iowa Women's Chorus, and had practice tonite. Garned a solo on America the Beautiful, just hope I can remember to BREATHE. During practice tonite, I sort of forgot and nearly fell over. Yet another one of those Blonde Moments...you know, we need to be reminded to do the basics sometimes. ;-)

Also did get step by step instructions for my S clasp links written and photos scanned. Should have the entire thing up and running in just a few days. I had multiple comments about the silver S clasp bracelet (shown at left) I wore today - from "OMG, that is soooo cool!" to nearly ripping it off my wrist to try it on. I'm estimating that you can make the S clasp bracelet in an hour or so...and it's so pretty and versitile, I'm sure you'll want to try!

One of the best things about this bracelet is that it's "endless" and adjustable for almost any wrist. I discovered it was a little loose at one point, clasped it on the next link up and let the last link dangle like a charm, and it got even MORE comments.

Beading Help Web Editorial Team

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Nights in BabylonI've been working with my favorite for jewelry

Nights in Babylon

I've been working with my favorite for jewelry this week: gold. Or in this case, vermeil (24 karat gold layered over sterling silver) or 14 karat goldfilled.
The bracelet that you see above is from my "Babylonian" collection. I call it that because of the bright gold, lapis, turquoise, and carnelian which all remind me of the Mesopotamian art from Biblical times. The gold used in those works of art, artifacts, and jewelry is as pure as it can be and still retain its shape so that it is a dark bright colour like vermeil. I also used a bit of wirework with 14 karat goldfilled wire for something just a bit different. I love the look of gold with gemstones although I know that sterling silver is what is currently in vogue. Of course, I've had to incorporate some of my favorite lampwork beads as well.

Another Babylon bracelet mixes just lapis and carnelian together. I love the colours in this carnelian, and the lapis I've gotten lately is of good quality with just the right sprinkling of pyrite (fool's gold) throughout so that it has the glittery look in the light that I admire.

I also love sunstone - what's not to love. It's a peachy to coral colour and it GLITTERS because of chatoyancy or Schiller effect. Very good sunstone is so expensive, but I got some okay sunstone (it has chatoyancy) and had to play with it a bit.

To see this jewelry and more, go to Cluny Grey Jewelry or check for some on auction on Ebay under user id: chloemarie99 or do a search for Cluny Grey.

Another jewelry blog: If you are interested in Jewelry (yes, with a capital "J") check out Zsolt Balla's blog Modern Jewelry from Budapest, Hungary. It has lots of information on jewelry and jewelry styles and fashions.

jewelry jewellery bracelets beads lapis gold carnelian sunstone lampwork beads The Jewelry Blog wirewrap Weblog

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I wanna new drug...Hi. I m KJ and I have a

I wanna new drug...
Hi. I m KJ and I have a shoe addiction. I m telling you, shoes
are the new crack and zappos.com is the new dealer in town.

I mean, really, brocade ribbon AND an ornate crystal buckle. This pair is beads, jewelry, sparkly stuff AND a shoe all rolled into one. I m powerless to resist.

Help me.

Must...resist...lure of... shoes ...that don t...go with...anything I own (but are really super cute nonetheless). If nothing else, I'm just enjoying the fact that shoes are even AVAILABLE in a color called "cyclamen."

And as long as I m going to hell anyway, I may as well go straight for the hooker shoes, right? Figures this design came from JLo. Although this pair in purple is slightly less hookerish and more 40 s bombshell which, with my curves, is a look that so works for me. And now that I think about it, they would go with my new gray suit...

Hmmm...would it be, um, bad form to wear hot shoes to work?

Of course, it may be too late for me to worry about that now considering I ve already worn red, patent leather, ankle-strap peep-toes AND cheetah-print stilettos (yes, Sparkle, on two separate occasions) to work. Hee!

But, the pair I will probably actually buy (because I m so annoyingly practical...er MOST of the time) is this pair. Second choice is this pair in dark blue.

Now, where did I put that winning lotto ticket? Oh, and if a certain SOMEONE would hurry up and ask me out on a date, already, I d have a place to maybe actually WEAR some of these beauties besides the office. Getting compliments from co-workers is not nearly as nice as watching a guy trip because he s busy staring at your legs and thinking lascivious thoughts. I know, because I made the whole guy-trip thing happen once this summer by way of the Anne Klein killer sandals (as previously mentioned here) and a knee-length denim skirt and it was quite an enjoyable experience.

Did I mention I only have 5 lbs. to go to hit my initial weight-loss goal and I look fa-bu-lous in a size 12? Okay, conceited, I know, but I ve worked REALLY hard to get this far so I figure it s okay to take some well-deserved pride in my accomplishment.


P.S. As long as you re sharing in my obsession(s), check out this totally cute purse .

Silver Parrot

Saturday, October 07, 2006

So Like Why Isn?t Fashion Week Over Yet? Good grief!

So Like Why Isn?t Fashion Week Over Yet?
Good grief! This Fashion Week will surely go down in history as the worst on record just in terms of sheer mania and frustration and I don’t think I am the only one who feels this way. I am on vacation (which mostly means nursing a really nasty fever that won’t quit no matter how [...]

FAQ: How can I make my business look more professional?I've

FAQ: How can I make my business look more professional?
I've seen this question float around the small business message boards and thought I'd post my response here.

1) Have your website and business materials match the vibe of your product. If you don't want to come across as a small crafter, make sure your business cards and website don't look too "hand made", unless that is a big selling point of your product. Try to keep things clean and simple, people just want to know about your product and you.

2) Represent your product well. Good photography is KEY. Clear pictures (and descriptions) go a long way to help someone make a purchase. Invest in a good camera or scanner, plus a photo editing program, to help you do this.

3) Communicate. That is, make sure your contact information and site information are easily found on your website. People want to know your shipping charges, your return policy, and about where you are located and who you are!

4) Don't have too many ad banners/etc. People may differ with me on this, but I don't put any google ads or ad banners on my website. I think it helps it look more professional and less "home spun."

5) Include any press you may have had in a section on your website. Only put the pieces that are noteworthy (or make 'em sound noteworthy!). A review from your Mom doesn't count! ;-)



Peggy Li on the Chris Pirillo ShowListen to my the

Peggy Li on the Chris Pirillo Show
Listen to my the podcast interview with Chris taped at the 2006 San Jose SEO conference. I talk about Peggy Li Creations, designing jewelry for "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer", selling on the web and all things pimpin'.

Listen to the Peggy Li interview on the Chris Pirillo podcast.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Ribbon Earrings Have you noticed I’m on an earring kick

Ribbon Earrings
Have you noticed I’m on an earring kick lately? This latest pair combine fiber, in the form of organza ribbon, with brass stamped charms: Organza and Metal Earrings. I think just about everyone has a few scraps of ribbon around, so this is a good way to combine different media and also recycle. © Tammy Powley for Jewelry [...]

Flat Earth JewelryTo many, it may not mean much, but

The Barbary Coast CollectionNew for fall, John S. Brana s most

The Barbary Coast Collection

New for fall, John S. Brana s most lavish and wild collection is the Barbary Coast Collection. This vibrant collection of unique and one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings, and bracelets is reminiscent of the buoyant feeling during the Gold Rush. Featuring gold vermeil, 14K gold filled, and 14K gold (no silver to be found here!) these pieces are perfect for those who want to have fun and make a statement with their jewelry. Completing the look, the pieces are set with dynamically shaped and textured semi-precious beads.

jbrana@johnsbrana.com (John S Brana)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Coutorture In WWD

The Lies The Culture Complex Tells You It is always

The Lies The Culture Complex Tells You
It is always a shock to see how your own lifestyle is assimilated into the arbitrarily “new” that is Fashion Week. The culture industry is an odd one and everyday is filled with new pushing, pulling, and hustling from the players working to stay that one fresh step ahead of the next 25 year old [...]

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cornflakes from the SeaOne of the hottest types of pearls

Cornflakes from the Sea
One of the hottest types of pearls this season are "Cornflake" Pearls...known for their variety of shapes and great natural beauty.

The "Cornflake" Pearl is a Keshi Pearl and is formed from a rejected nucleus before the "Culturing" process is complete. This necklace incorporates various types of pearls in a fascinating contrast of colors and textures of freshwater pearls with Bali Fine Silver, Moonstone, and Swarovski Crystals.

jbrana@johnsbrana.com (John S Brana)

Christina Jones' Top 5 Beauty Bargains I thought that additional

Christina Jones' Top 5 Beauty Bargains
Beauty Fashionista Christina Jones

I thought that additional to posting about great retail sales and promotions, I'd do something different and include what I hope will become a regular Chic Alert feature. From time to time I will invite a designer, a manufactuer, a retailer, or even perhaps a model, a hair stylist, a makeup artist, or a beauty therapist, someone passionate about fashion, health or beauty to post something about their passion. In thisregard, today I'm pleased to introduce, beauty extraordinaire, Christina Jones who

will share some beauty tips with us. Amongst other things Christina writes eBeauty Daily and PittWatch blogs and is the editor of the Womens and Lifestyles Channel for b5media.

Hi Chic Alert readers!! In keeping with Sally's theme here, I wanted to tell you about my Top 5 Skin Care Bargains. These aren't necessarily the cheapest items (some are!!), but are very worth the price and are things I won't do without in my beauty cabinet. I hope you find these products as useful and as bargain-worthy as I do:

1. The Panasonic Pore Cleanser - this is one of the best and least known beauty items on the market, it is cordless and rechargeable, and will suck the dirt right out of your pores as well as the best esthetician! It costs around $50, but is many years worth of professional facials rolled in to one great product!

[More details....]

Panasonic Health & Beauty Pore Cleanser
Tweezerman Beauty Skin Care Tool

2. The Tweezerman Skin Care Tool This tool, shown here, has a wide flat loop for gently extracting blackheads and a wire loop on the other side for whiteheads. I know some people are really frightened of this tool, but I really do love mine and always higly recommend it if you have problems with black/whiteheads. It is sanitary (of

course you must clean it!) and will not bruise your skin like trying to pop those annoyances out with your fingernails. And without it, I WILL try to pop those annoyances out with my fingernails!! This is usually under $10 and can be ordered online or found at your local Tweezerman dealers.

3. Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask - This is *oh so* inexpensive and so good for really deep cleaning your skin. I was introduced to this product in beauty school many years ago and I have never found anything that worked so well. This is usually around $7 and can be found anywhere from your local drugstore to your local beauty supply.

4. Miracle Whip - yes, the salad dressing. This is an excellent moisturizing mask with qualities of a peel. Use the regular variety, no low fat or low cal version. Check out the comments section of my Miracle Whip Facial post to see the play by play as I was trying it for the first time. I found it immensely more effective than the Lancome Peel that recently cost me around $120!!!

5. Sunscreen - I don't care if you buy it alone or contained within the cover of a foundation, moisturizer or whatever - just be sure you put it on your skin every day, especially if you are fair skinned. Take it from one who has been there and has a 1 1/2 inch scar down the center of her nose to show for it - sunscreen is a beauty necessity. My favorite for everyday use is Clinique's CityBlock - it has an SPF of 25 and is a tinted moisturizer and is $16.50 for a 1.4 ounce tube that lasts a long time. Just a little dab 'll do ya!

Thanks so much for inviting me to post on the Chic Alert, Sally - I really enjoy reading your posts and look very forward to more great deals and the different stores you feature.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Jewelry as a Birthday GiftI read two articles today about

Jewelry as a Birthday Gift
I read two articles today about a study conducted to deturmine how many people purchase jewelry to give as a birthday gift. The study found that 66% of the participants have purchased jewelry for that purpose. An even higher number, 74% said they are considering purchasing jewelry to give as a birthday gift in the future.

The survey also showed that people are purchasing jewelry as a birthday gift for themselves.

Past studies have consistently shown that jewelry gift shoppers also buy for themselves when they see something they like.


Six Rows of Who Are They And Why Do They

Six Rows of Who Are They And Why Do They Have Seats Again?
Ernest Schmatolla is the Godfather of fashion for me. The publisher of Look Online has provided me with much guidance, insight, and humor since I arrived in New York a pathetic fashion victim (some things never change). If Ernest tells me to do something I do it, if he thinks it is a good idea [...]

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Garden Summer SeriesA beautiful Paua shell pendant surrounded by Mother

Garden Summer Series

A beautiful Paua shell pendant surrounded by Mother of Pearl tubes & chips, Florite chips, Freshwater Pearls, czech glass & seed bead mix. Sterling. Matching Ankle bracelet and cluster earrings (not pictured).

Peach milk glass butterfly pendant surrounded by AB glass chips and seed bead mix. Notice how I gave her antenna... Sterling. Matching ankle bracelet.

These will be one of a kind.

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