Thursday, December 28, 2006

Spreading Your Wings Through a Beading ChallengeOne of the things

Spreading Your Wings Through a Beading Challenge
One of the things I things I like about belonging to online message boards and beading groups are the challenges that get tossed out. Many times, I've stretched my wings to create things that I wouldn't otherwise!

Take this month's challenge on the Michael's board. The challenge was to make something that represented what you are thankful for. At first, I thought "now how the heck do I do that???" but I had a whole month to think. And for this one, I really had to think outside the box!

One of the criteria for the challenge is that you must use at least 70% product available at Michael's (makes sense, it's their board!), so I went shopping at Michaels. In the jewelry department, I found some very cute pewter frames that looked like they'd make perfect charms.

My plan was to shrink some photos of my family and friends and place them in the frames, and then use a UR Charmed Pendant Necklace to display them. I also wanted to add a few extra wire charms to represent other things I'm thankful for. I was a little thrown when I opened the charm package and found the frames were actually a linked bracelet...but I just took out my trusty pliers and took it apart. ;-)

Added my photos, a few jump rings, wire charms to represent love and music, and voila! something very personal that looks pretty great, IMO.

So, my words to the wise this post are to use challenges if you are stuck in a rut, or even if you are just looking to stretch your creative genius a bit. Not all contests are big, huge productions...the Michael's one only requires that you use product available in the store and post your entry by month end. Winners may get prizes, or they may just get recognition and oohs and ahhs from fellow beaders.

Regardless, it's a fun thing to do. Join a challenge today!

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