Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bargains on EbayGenerally speaking, I shop thrift. Most of my

Bargains on Ebay
Generally speaking, I shop thrift. Most of my clothes are $1 at Value Village, aka Savers. In my neck of the woods, thrifting is abundantly rich. Well, at least middle-class. I often find brand-new garments, tags still on them, from the current season, for a single dollar.

But that is not true for many of you. Recently I have stumbled onto another option: ebay. (Should I tell you I am not being paid to promote ebay? I am not. I'm not even going to use this post to promote my own auctions. If you are curious, you will have to dig deeper in the blog.)

Here's what I mean: many items go unsold every week; lots of them good, basic, low-priced items which never get a bid. I've heard it said that ebay is just above a garage sale, and in these cases it's true. Items priced at a dollar or two, with a $5 shipping charge, if they only get one bid, will sell for under $10.

Just call it thrifting from your easy chair.

My advice: go ahead and bid on an item that would work for you. Set the opening bid as your maximum. Who knows? You could be the winner.