Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Hidden Emotions of Jewelry I read the most in...The

The Hidden Emotions of Jewelry I read the most in...
The Hidden Emotions of Jewelry

I read the most interesting article about Jewelry in my More magazine (June, 2006)
www.more.com (OK so I might be giving away my age at this point but I'm not ready for my AARP card yet.) The article was called "Our Baubles, Ourselves" written by Kim Johnson Gross. It basically said that Jewelry has an "emotional shelf life" unlike clothes that have a "physical shelf life".

Think about the jewelry you have had for years and still wear, such as your wedding ring or your mother's wedding ring. If you get divorced, you may get rid of the ring or melt it down and make it into something else. I remember buying myself a ring with my tax return check in my mid twenty's. I still wear that ring and remember the place I purchased it and who was with me. It represented a time in my life when I could finally spend money on something frivolous.

Currently I'm creating myself a charm bracelet with old charms, new charms and milagros. Each charm has a special meaning. I intend to keep adding to it until I can't add any more. Jewelry expresses who we are and can define us. Some people wear the classics such as pearl necklaces and tiffany bracelets. Others, like me, follow trends and collect special pieces that are timeless (most of those came from my husband). All of my big plastic earrings from 80's have been retired and sold at garage sales. However, some of my jewlery that I don't wear anymore, get's stashed away. I take it out every so often and remake it into something else, extending it's "emotional shelf life".