Thursday, December 28, 2006

ambrosial aubergineWhen mini robot posted about a pair of Scorah

ambrosial aubergine
When mini robot posted about a pair of Scorah Pattullo booties last month, I appreciated her passion but didn't think I would lust after them in quite the same way (despite being a Hopeless Addict of boots in all shapes and sizes). At the time I chalked it up to the printed glitter stars. Stellar though they undoubtedy are, zippy patterns don't usually do it for me (and anyone going for glitter had better strut it with a confidence comparable to Ziggy Stardust). However, look what happens when you add a wash of purple...

Suddenly La Femme Ziggy is transformed into a vision of deepest, most opulent plum. Starry shoes like these are the only embellishment necessary for such a violaceous ensemble, and momentarily (as often happens in fashion fantasies), 300 doesn't seem an exorbitant amount for the kind of booties Cinderella might wear to a rave. This is a transient delusion though. I suppose that is why purple is known as a royal hue and us plebs are forced to stick with less grandiose shades... (Adeleine)