Thursday, January 18, 2007

Circle PendantI've been working on my Year of Jewelry challenge

Circle Pendant

I've been working on my Year of Jewelry challenge piece and have been challenged this week by the theme, Kisses in the Mist.

I had a great idea, but it didn't work (I guess that's the joy of a challenge...educating yourself that brilliant ideas don't always pan out!). I have seen a couple of renditions of the popular "circle" pendants lately by fellow beaders, and wanted to try something. I think it might be my next YOJ challenge piece.

The "circle" pendants you can buy at any jewelry store usually feature diamonds. Mine has labradorite, tiny rounds (3-4mm) that are wired onto a round frame. Because I haven't masted soldering (yet!), I used the ends to create a bail.

I love this pendant, and the bail is a little small to fit on the chain that I have, so I added the sterling jump rings so I can wear it tomorrow. I still have a couple of ideas I may add to it before actually submitting to YOJ, but I do like it as is. :-)

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